Kids Pizza Workshops

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Kids Pizza Workshops

A bake sale is a lot of work, and it's usually the parents doing the brunt of the work. While a bake sale may be a tried-and-true way to earn money for a school event, there's a better option: Kids pizza workshops. For a nominal fee comparable to the costs incurred during bake sale preparations, life lessons can be learned, and a delicious treat can be had by all.

Educational and Delicious

First, students will watch a short pizza-making video. After the video, students will be provided with their own ball of dough. A professional Pizzaioli will teach the eager students how to properly prepare and toss the perfect pizza.  During this educational process, kids will learn the importance of a well-balanced and nutritious diet consisting of the four food groups. At the end, everyone receives their own slice of pizza! It's a great step on the path towards independence that has a delicious outcome and a lifelong lesson built in.

Pizza Nova

One pizzeria is responsible for over 600 kids pizza workshops that have entertained and educated over 27,000 elementary-school aged children in over 120 schools. Kids pizza workshops through Pizza Nova meet both Bill 8, regarding the addition of trans fat to school foods, and the new Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy as put forth by Memorandum Number 150.
Consider a kids pizza workshop to take the place of the next fundraising event at your child's school. It helps teach the students great lessons about dietary requirements, and the results are always delicious. It's a fantastic alternative that is growing in popularity, and with good reason.
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