How to Deal with Loose Fitting Dentures

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A common issue among denture owners is that, as they age, their gums become susceptible to shrinking. As anyone who wears dentures will know, anything that affects a proper fit can prove harmful or inconvenient.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your oral support is tip-top.

Replacing dentures

If for any reason the dentures that a user is wearing feel less than perfect, it is necessary to have the fit be re-examined. If there is a minor adjustment that can be made to address the concern, it will be done with ease. Problems associated with loose fitting dentures are soreness and stomach-related issues stemming from the inability to properly chew and digest food. Another cause for concern is the gradual breakdown of the teeth in the dentures which can be remade and reinstalled. 

Denture Care

The best way to ensure longevity of dentures is to properly care for them. It is important to place an emphasis on maintenance – after all, the dentures should be in your mouth more often than not.  Maintaining a tight fit is necessary to avoid denture slips during speaking, or getting food caught while eating. What’s more, the tighter the fit, the closer the appearance to a full set of real teeth.  A smile is very important for self-esteem, and having dentures shouldn’t harm that.
Taking the proper steps to ensure your dentures fit properly and are well taken care of is critically important, and should be of top priority for those who use them. 
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