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We've all heard from TV, radio, the internet, and friends and family about the many advantages of attending a Toronto prep school, but what exactly is it that makes them so appealing? For many newer parents who are beginning the process of choosing a school for their first child, a burning question in their minds is what they can expect from some of the top private schools in Toronto, and how are those schools better than attending a public facility?

What Can I Expect From Some of the Top Private Schools in Toronto?

There are a number of different advantages of private schools over public institutions, and each of them has their own unique merit to be considered when choosing a school for your kids.
Education – The main reason to enroll your child in a Toronto private school is the quality education they will receive. While the teachers are still bound to ensure the basic curriculum is taught in the same way public school teachers are, private school instructors often take it to a far deeper level. Many educators in Toronto private schools come from exceptional educational backgrounds and have achieved significantly more professionally than their public school counter-parts. In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge, they are also often respected in their fields, allowing students an opportunity to get to know their teachers as successful people, and not just the adults that make them sit in class all day. Private school curriculum's go far above and beyond the basics, with many schools offering critical thinking projects and infusing knowledge to their students that public educators are simply not trained to do. A program course at a private school is far better-rounded than those found in public institutions.
Values and Teamwork – Most private schools have some type of theme, be it language such as French, culture such as children who practice similar customs, or faith such as centered around a particular religion. Others still, like Montessori schools, espouse an alternative way of learning that while different from other schools, encompasses students from all backgrounds. Private schools place a great deal of importance on teaching and reinforcing appropriate values in students and incorporating moral lessons into the academic education. Students develop closer bonds with their peers from these lessons and learn to work together more productively.
Extra-curricular Activities – Unfortunately, our public schools are drastically underfunded and while they do offer some afterschool programs for students, the quantity and quality of these programs fall well below those found in a private school. In prestigious private institutions such as the Toronto Prep School, programs such as art, robotics, debate society, and the investors club are all opportunities which enrich a student's life and help them develop their talents in a way rarely achievable in the public forum.
Carefully researching the benefits of each private school is important as not all of them run the same way or encompass the same values or activities. Take the time today to read about each institution and visit the facilities to discover what you can expect from some of the top private schools in Toronto and which will ensure the best future for your child.
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