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Plan Your Party With Ease

Imagine an easy way to turn party rentals in Toronto from a headache of epic proportions to something as simple as a few clicks on a website. That’s exactly what Rentinue promises to facilitate by giving sellers a unique online space to post their items, such as DJ equipment and banquet tables, and renters the opportunity to easily find and rent whatever equipment they might need to make their birthday party, wedding reception, or family gathering a huge success!
By way of comments and customer reviews, there is a series of checks and balances in place to assure buyers and sellers alike that their online transactions will be securely handled. Rentinue takes care of the particulars of your rental agreement so that a host’s party will go off without a hitch and all of your helium tanks or garden tents or banquet chairs will be returned exactly as they were sent out.

Weddings for Less

The average cost of a wedding these days is upwards of $25,000! That’s a lot of money for one celebration, so why not turn to Rentinue for all your party planning supplies? By renting instead of buying, you can go the extra mile with gorgeous potted plants in the chapel and spectacular garden lanterns at the reception. Like the classic Cinderella story, these items can be returned at midnight without having cost you a fortune. Save your hard earned money and put it toward a down payment on a new house or condominium rental. Better still, you can also turn to Rentinue to easily search for that condominium or apartment listing!

Happy Birthday to You

Birthday parties are a great way for family and friends to gather together and shoot the breeze while blowing out the candles. But when the party is over, the question remains: what to do with all the tables and chairs you purchased for the occasion? It would be easy to let these things clutter up your garage or go to waste, but why not save yourself the trouble, not to mention the planet, by renting these items out to others who might need them? Just think, instead of paying a huge amount of money for a party that only last a few hours, you can post your party supplies on Rentinue’s website for others to rent out. This way you will not only enjoy the party you have thrown, but reap the benefits by making a healthy financial return on your investment. And by reusing your items, you are doing your part to save the planet. Go green and make green at the same time!
If you’re worried that your items won’t be returned on time or in the same condition as when you rented them out, don’t be! Rentinue takes care of the details of your transaction so that you know exactly the kind of renter you are in business with. Rentinue’s secure online booking system makes it super simple to read reviews of renters and sellers alike so that you never have to worry. Sign up for free and see why partiers in Toronto turn to Rentinue for all their party planning supplies.
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