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Staircase Chandeliers
The staircase is one of the most interesting areas of a home. Staircase lights are a wonderful way to connect the different floors of your home in an innovative and creative way. It is also an ideal location to showcase a centerpiece that will fill up the space with colour and light. AM Studio has provided wonderful solutions for staircase lighting since the beginning. Whether you choose to hang a fixture running alongside a stairway or simply apply colourful sconces from top to bottom, AM Studio will custom an artistic design suited for you.
Castles and stately manor homes often feature a large and beautiful chandelier sparkling over a grand staircase. If you love movies, you will be able to conjure up many images from classic flicks that feature heroes and heroines on red-carpeted stairs under a gleaming crystal chandelier.
While our idea of the chandelier has evolved, the staircase is still an ideal place for this extraordinary lighting fixture. The chandelier will not only provide the stairs with much-needed light, but it will also become a focus for the whole area and lend an air of luxury to your home. The chandelier, one of the most dramatic of design elements, still speaks of grace and elegance.
The Evolution of the Chandelier
The traditional chandelier was made of a number of branching arms that curved upward, holding candles at their ends. In the middle ages, it was raised and lowered with a rope, and it began as a way to light massive dinner tables. By the 18th century, chandeliers had evolved into fixtures augmented with crystals to reflect and refract the light, which made them more efficient.
The chandelier continued to be the light of choice for the dining room, but it was discovered that it was also a perfect addition to entryways and foyers, making the space seem welcoming and illuminating the way for guests. And of course, chandeliers became de rigueur for the staircase area, casting necessary light onto the steps, and filling the empty space above them with an impressive work of art.
Modern custom chandeliers can still include crystals, although these days, the crystals are likely to come from Swarovski, and the structure supporting them will be very sophisticated. Chandeliers are available in every conceivable style, from simple designs paying homage to the medieval version of the fixture to dramatic geometric contemporary versions. One of the most popular types of 21st century chandeliers is the "multi-pendant chandelier”, which groups pendant lights together to create a unique effect. Pendant lights are extremely versatile lamps that can be made in various sizes and shapes, and hung at different levels.
Points to Consider When Choosing a Chandelier
  • Some of the more popular materials used for chandeliers are fused glass, crystal, metal, and porcelain.
  • A custom lighting studio can create a chandelier that will blend perfectly with your interior design, no matter what style you prefer.
  • Designers often prefer to use LED lights in chandeliers, since these are extremely durable and long lasting. 
  • A designer can help you ascertain the right size fixture for your home. Since the area above the staircase is usually large and empty, you will need to make sure that the fixture you chose is large enough to fill it.
  • Proportions vary according to style, but most often a chandelier with a large diameter will hang down further than a smaller one will. The chandelier will need to be low enough to give good light, but should be at least seven feet above the highest point of the stairs.
Whatever your situation may be, staircase chandeliers are always a sure way to bring elegance to the home!

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