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Multi-Pendants Chandeliers
One of the most striking and beautiful trends in custom lighting is the multi-pendants chandelier. These fixtures are a creative and a unique way to introduce lighting into a space. Additionally, multi-pendant chandeliers define the space in a modern way. AM Studio specializes in designing multi-pendant fixtures that are customizable towards each client's objectives.
Chandeliers have been symbols of grace and elegance in interior design for centuries, but many of us, when we hear the word, conjure up an image of the traditional "crystal chandelier” with upturned points and lights that resemble candles. These are the types of light fixtures that were often installed in stately manor homes or castles in earlier centuries. That classic elegance can still be found; custom lighting designers have many clients that still prefer the traditional chandelier for formal dining rooms or large spaces. But the multi-pendants chandelier is a contemporary rethinking of the traditional form that can be graceful, beautiful, highly adaptable, and perfect for 21st century interior design.
New Elegance
Multi-pendants chandeliers can be hung in any area of the home. They can be created from a wide variety of materials including porcelain, wood, fabric, Mylar, thermoplastics, and others. Two of the most popular materials for multi-pendant chandeliers are:
  • Metals. Pendants of brushed stainless steel, polished chrome, brass, copper, aluminum, and other metals are popular due to the reflective bounce that metal can give to light and the modern look they lend to the form.
  • Glass. Glass artisans have been particularly creative with the multi-pendants form. Glass also has wonderful interplay with light, and a huge number of shapes can be created. Colour is also a virtually limitless option for glass chandeliers, as pendants can be uniformly coloured or multi-coloured.
Unlike traditional chandeliers, contemporary fixtures can also feature lights hanging at different heights. In fact, one trend is to create a dramatic "curtain” effect using pendants of varying lengths, sometimes stretching from ceiling to floor.
Some of the most beautiful pendant lighting is on display at the Toronto's annual International Design Show. Reviews of recent shows have included praise for the fused glass multi-pendants look. In addition to articles about these fixtures that have appeared in major newspapers such as the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette, many interior design blogs are now singing the praises of the multi-pendant chandelier.
Versatile Lighting
Chandeliers are traditionally hung over the dining table, in large formal rooms such as ballrooms or living rooms, or in entryways or foyers. However, multi-pendants chandeliers are extremely versatile, and suitable for virtually any space in the home. Homeowners have sometimes opted to install several smaller chandeliers in formal rooms, rather than one large one. This allows light to radiate from various points in the room, and can generate an interplay of light and colour.
Better custom lighting designers will work with you to design the perfect plan for your home. Lighting is one of the major elements of design, and can create effects that greatly influence the atmosphere and mood of any room. Light can make rooms seem smaller or larger, for example. Warm coloured light lends a room a comfortable and welcoming air; blue or green light is calming and cooler. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look with unobtrusive lighting, or a dramatic fixture that can become the focus of the room, one of Toronto's better custom designers can imagine a custom multi-pendants chandelier that will suit your space perfectly.
Visit a showroom today, and let multi-pendants chandeliers light up your life!
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