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Modern Island Pendants
The island is the center of your kitchen for endless reasons. Therefore, island pendants are a creative and beautiful way to keep your everyday activities exciting and bright. AM Studio customizes each pendant to your personal desires so no light is wasted. Island pendants are versatile and practical, and provide warm lighting for all kitchen activities. AM Studio's collection has become a focal point for any room. Even as a piece of art, island pendants are a crucial feature for a well-rounded kitchen.
The kitchen island is a vital area. Designed for food prep, an island is also the perfect spot to set out a buffet, to share appetizers and wine with friends, or to pull up chairs for an informal family lunch. However, even if your kitchen is well lit, your island will need additional lighting. The most efficient – and the most attractive – way to light the area is with modern island pendants.
Pendant lights, which are sometimes referred to as "drop lights” or "suspended lights”, hang from the ceiling on a cord. These lights are versatile and practical, and provide good lighting for kitchen work. And well-designed pendant lights can become a focal point for the room, making them an important design element. Custom designers can create island pendants that are not only functional, but also works of art.
Choosing Pendant Lights
Kitchens come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and pendant lights can be designed to fit any type of space. Modern pendants don't need to adhere strictly to traditional decorating rules such as the well-worn "rule of three”. You can opt for two large lights, for example, or multiple smaller ones. The number of lights you need will depend on how bright the lights are, how large they are, and what type they are.
These same factors will influence the positioning of the pendants. Some homeowners prefer lights hanging evenly, while others enjoy the visual play of lights hung at various heights. Of course, the height of family members should also factor into the decision! Pendants should be hung to avoid glare, but so that they provide enough light for tasks. You may want to opt for pendants on a dimmer switch, which will allow for a range of intensity.
Pendant lights can be made using a wide variety of materials, including metal, Mylar, wood, fabric, glass, or thermoplastics. Materials and design can create dozens of different looks, from sleek minimalist to intricately patterned featuring numerous lights. Stainless steel pendants, for example, can set a contemporary, utilitarian mood, while fabric has a softer feeling. Colour is another consideration; glass pendants in particular use colour to good advantage, since glass reflects light so beautifully.
You can get some idea of how to blend the different types of kitchen lighting in this article from HGTV. A good custom lighting designer will look at your existing space or your interior décor plans and create pendants to perfectly complement your personal style.
The Importance of Lighting
Although it is often one of the last things to be considered, lighting is one of the most important elements of design. Lighting is one of the main factors that will determine the type of atmosphere created in a room. Lighting can make a room seem warm, welcoming, and cozy, or it can give it a cool, stark impression. Light can wash over the entire room, or be used to highlight certain elements or areas. It can even be used to make a room feel smaller or larger.
The right lighting can also add aesthetic value to your life. At the Toronto's annual International Design Show, pendants from some of that city's best designers are on display. Or visit the showroom of a custom lighting studio today and let artists show you the luminous beauty of modern island pendants.

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