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Modern Chandeliers
Chandeliers lend any space elegance, sparkle, and a hint of magic. AM Studio crafts chandeliers that transform spaces and provide an exclusive perspective on your ideology of a dream home. Regardless of the space, AM Studio will customize fixtures that are best suited for you and your needs. Whether you are designing a new living space or renovating your present home, it is a necessity to consider lighting as one of the major elements of your design.
Chandeliers lend any space elegance, sparkle, and a hint of magic. The mention of chandeliers evokes images of castles and stately manor houses, of graceful ballrooms and magnificent dining rooms from the past. But modern chandeliers can add a contemporary elegance to your urban Toronto residence. This city is home to some of the finest custom lighting designers in the world, and they can create beautiful lighting that's perfect for your living space. Toronto's renowned Interior Design Show features the best of lighting designers, and it can be an excellent place to view the types of chandeliers available for your home.
Luminous Art
The variety of modern chandelier designs may amaze you. The best custom designers create light fixtures from glass, metal, or other materials that will harmonize with your interior design and bring warm and inviting light into any room. Contemporary takes on the chandelier encompass everything from coloured porcelain pendants of varying lengths to streamlined thermoplastic shapes, from transparent glass medallions arranged around a central lamp to two dozen Mylar shades arranged on thin aircraft wire. Lit by tiny halogen lamps, CFL bulbs, LED lights or frosted bulbs, chandeliers can deliver intense light or supply an intimate, warm glow.
Chandeliers can look formal or more casual. Whether you prefer a modern variation of the classic chandelier featuring Swarovski crystals, or a chrome-plated futuristic design, whether you like bold, heavy fixtures or delicate ones, a first-rate custom lighting design studio can help you meet your lighting needs while complementing and enhancing your décor. The best studios use fine materials and take the time to create a chandelier that is both a source of light and a work of art.
Frequently Asked Questions
Some questions homeowners ask when considering chandelier lighting include:
  • How do I position a chandelier in a room? There are several factors to think about when deciding where to place a chandelier. First, make sure that the size of the chandelier is right for the space. A small chandelier in a large room will look small, and may not provide enough light. But a chandelier that's too large can overwhelm the room. The position of your chandelier will depend on what purpose it will serve. A dining room chandelier, for example, should be placed over the table. For a less formal setting, you may want to position two or more small chandeliers over different areas. Don't position the light in the centre of the room; this leads to dark corners. Places where people gather are the best places for chandeliers.
  • How high should the chandelier hang? Again, this will depend on décor. In a simply-furnished room, a chandelier hanging low can become a focal point. A more ornate room can benefit from a high chandelier that sheds light on pieces of furniture.
  • What kind of chandelier will look best with my décor? As a general rule, sparkling crystal chandeliers work well in more formal rooms, as do large glass chandeliers. Striking metal designs also have a dramatic effect. Multiple pendant lights lend a more casual feeling, as do smaller and more streamlined designs.
Visit a lighting studio's showroom today, and view the many types of modern chandeliers crafted by Toronto designers.

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