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An Energy-Efficient Alternative
Light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures are paving the way towards a more energy- and environmentally-conscious world. As home utility bills rise in the Toronto area, so does global accountability—forcing us to seek out more efficient ways to light our homes, businesses and workplaces. LED light fixtures in Toronto are an extremely efficient option on the market today.
The Future of Conventional Lighting
For years, incandescent bulbs have been under inspection due to their outdated technology and lack of efficiency. Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) has numerous environmental and health concerns associated with the small amounts of mercury vapor they contain. Both CFLs and incandescent bulbs must also be frequently replaced due to their short life spans and fragile nature, culminating in even more waste. Thankfully, LED lights offer a new alternative to conventional lighting, with growing benefits in:
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Environmental impact;
  • Cost savings;
  • Longevity;
  • Waste reduction; and
  • Flexibility.
An LED bulb use roughly eight times less energy than a regular incandescent bulb and its lifespan can last a decade or more. This cuts back on waste as well as lighting costs, allowing the energy output to be focused primarily on light, rather than excess heat-emission. Since the bulbs remain cool to the touch, they reduce accidents at home and provide an excellent source of illumination for delicate plants and greenhouses—many without the harmful ultraviolet light of conventional bulbs. They are recyclable, durable, and free of toxic chemicals, in turn reducing your carbon footprint and environmental concerns. LED lights contribute less to our landfills and more to a greener future. 
Replacing a conventional bulb with an LED bulb can be an initial investment. While a box of incandescent bulbs costs a few dollars, LEDs can cost upwards of $10 each. It's important to remember, however, that the LED lifespan dramatically lowers long-term power consumption, making it an economical alternative for businesses and homeowners alike. When considering the amount of energy needed to power an office building or industrial site 24 hours a day, LED is an obvious choice.
In the past LEDs have been associated with a harsh and often cold light-tone, turning consumers off with their stark and bluish hue. Today, LED bulbs are offered in a variety of colour "temperatures” making the experience comparable to that of the old filament alternative. Depending on the need and location, various brands offer a range of warm and cool light to suit any personal or professional need. In addition, LEDs produce a narrowed and more directional beam and can be operated by a dimmer, making them perfectly suited for things like task lighting or displaying art at home.
LED lighting fixtures in Toronto will provide your space with innovative control of light colour, strength, and efficiency. In addition to saving on cost, replacing conventional bulbs with LEDs will provide a future of higher-quality lighting and endurance, while also changing the way we think about illuminating our lives. Toronto's thriving urban centres and eco-conscious communities are taking note of LED lighting and incorporating it into their personal, professional and artistic spaces
LED light fixtures are a modern method that provides a growing number of options for homeowners and businesses looking for creative and fun lighting styles. AM Studio has been using LED lighting in a variety of creative and exciting applications. More and more, LEDs are seen as a valuable and beautiful design element. Also, LEDs are a smart method of lighting since it requires minimal maintenance, which is valuable when faced with high ceilings and large fixtures. Finally, due to their energy efficient nature, LEDs provide ambient light with minimal cost.
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