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Show Your Artistic Side
Custom pendant lighting in Toronto is a creative, stylish and exciting way to add personality to any home or workplace. Homeowners are choosing to unify their spaces with customized lighting that is focused around their own imagination. AM Studio relates the functions of the light fixture to the surrounding space in order to bring the client's desires to life. Additionally, AM Studio has a unique selection of pendant lighting that provides a simple way to add beauty and tone to any room.
Custom pendant lighting in Toronto is an affordable, stylish and compact way to add personality to any home or workplace. Homeowners are choosing to create pleasing environments and ambience through their lighting sources, rather than wasting space on bulky, expensive furniture pieces. Depending on its function and location, pendant lighting is a simple way to add beauty and tone to any room. 
What are Pendant Lights?
Pendant lights are suspended fixtures that hang from the ceiling by a cord or chain. The pendants themselves are made from numerous materials, and its name refers to the shade used to diffuse the bulb's light. Typically, pendants come in the shape of large drums, bowls, or smaller glass globes and can either focus light downward to illuminate a workspace, or cast it up onto the ceiling for a more dramatic look. While chandeliers can be bulky, intricate and expensive, pendants provide a hip and streamlined alternative to their crystal-laden cousin.
Why Pendant Lighting?
Depending on the location and materials used, this light source can be either functional or imaginative. By adding textured spots in a kitchen bistro or fun, whimsical accents to the living room,pendant lighting becomes the focal point in the home, rather than the bulb needed to illuminate it.
Pendants are easy to customize. Common materials used include:
  • Metal;
  • Glass ;
  • Plastic; and
  • Cloth/Silk.
The material chosen will influence the price, style, and mood of the lighting itself. Depending on the desired tone,  pendants can be modified to suit any room, enlivening the space. Plastics and fabrics provide a flexible option and are popular in both simple and complex designs. Textiles, fabrics and clouded glass will add a soft, romantic glow by filtering the light, and by focusing it upwards the room will noticeably open up. In addition, clear glass and metals will naturally diffuse the light, making it useful in the kitchen for task lighting with a functional purpose. For something with personality, a hip and geometric design hung over a kitchen table will create a more urban look.
The location of the light itself is an important consideration as it will determine the size and shape of the pendant needed. Pendant lights are commonly found in the following areas:
  • Over dining-room tables and pool tables;
  • Over desks and workspaces;
  • Tracked over kitchen islands and countertops;
  • In hallways, entranceways, and stairwells.
Large cylindrical pendants can be hung as centerpieces to a room, while smaller handcrafted ones can be clustered playfully in corners. By altering the height of the cord, pendants can be modified to hang at eye level in order to create a fun atmosphere for entertaining around a bar or kitchen island. Closer to the ceiling, they can serve as fashionable track lighting, while larger drums can replace chandeliers.
Custom pendant lighting in Toronto can be elegant or industrial, playful or dramatic. Whether it's artisanal blown glass, suspended geometric shapes, or a brushed chrome bell, Torontonians can easily achieve a sense of personal expression and imagination through this adaptable lighting source.
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