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Custom LED Wall Sconces
Wall lights and sconces can either be a centerpiece of a room or simply be used as a subtle fixture that adds to the atmosphere of the space. Regardless of the space, AM Studio will customize fixtures that are best suited for you and your needs. Wall sconces are making a big comeback in the GTA ­– more and more, they're seen as a valuable and beautiful design element. This is because modern wall sconces combine contemporary style and functionality. AM Studio produces an array of sconces that are distinctive and customizable.

The wall sconce is back – and it has entered the modern age! Wall sconce fixtures have endured for centuries. In earlier times, the sconce held candles; later, gaslight was used. Through the years, though, other kinds of light fixtures outstripped the popularity of the wall sconce, and it fell into disfavour. However, using the latest technology, designers are creating innovative and beautiful custom LED wall sconces, leading to a resurgence in the demand for these types of fixtures.

FAQs About Wall Sconces
  • Where should I use wall sconces? The answer to this is: almost anywhere! Sconces can be used in virtually every area of the house. There are three basic types of light that you need to have in order to achieve desirable "layered lighting” for your home: ambient, accent, and task lighting. Some fixtures are suitable for only one of these purposes, but sconces can be used for all three types of light. Some popular places for wall sconces include: staircase walls, dining room, bathrooms, hallways, reading nooks, bedrooms, etc.
  • What materials are used to make wall sconces? Many materials are used, but the most popular materials used by custom designers include porcelain, metal, glass, and wood.
  • Won't wall sconces look old-fashioned? Only if you want them to! GTA lighting design showrooms boast an amazing variety of sconces, from those that pay homage to more traditional styles to contemporary geometric designs. Some sconces resemble abstract roses, others are a simple "halo” configuration. Crystal and polished wire sconces, sconces with fabric shades, sconces created with multi-coloured fused glass squares…the possibilities are endless.
  • Can I use sconces outdoors? Yes, sconces are an excellent way to light the garden or the path to the back door or garage.
The LED Advantage
Experts predict that before long, LED bulbs will become the standard for household lighting. There are many reasons for this, both aesthetic and practical. From a design point of view, LED lights make a great deal of sense. Disbursal of light with LED bulbs is focused and precise, making design much more predictable. In addition, some types of light can distort or "wash out” the colours that they illuminate. LED lights are also extraordinarily versatile with regard to size and shape, which means they can fit into virtually every type of fixture. They are easily dimmed and they are resistant to cold and other harsh conditions.
From the consumer's point of view, LED lights also have many advantages. These include:
  • Longevity. It's estimated that one LED bulb can give approximately 50,000 hours of light! The purchase of one LED bulb prevents the manufacture of 25 conventional bulbs.
  • Energy efficient. Conventional bulbs convert only about 20% of the electricity they use into light. LED bulbs, on the other hand, convert 80-90%.
  • Eco-Friendly. Unlike other types of lights, LED bulbs do not contain any toxic substances. They're also 100% recyclable.
  • Savings on energy bills.Because LED lights generate more lumens per watt, you can have the same amount of light for less than you would pay for conventional bulbs. Learn more about LED savings in this article from the Manchester Guardian.
  • Durability. Because they don't have a filament or other fragile parts, LED lamps are rugged.
Explore the possibility of custom designed LED wall sconces for your home. They'll light up your life…efficiently and beautifully!
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