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Chandeliers: A Versatile and Decorative Lighting Option

Chandeliers lend any space elegance, sparkle, and a hint of magic. AM Studio crafts chandeliers that transform spaces and provide an exclusive perspective on your ideology of a dream home. Regardless of the space, AM Studio will customize fixtures that are best suited for you and your needs. Whether you are designing a new living space or renovating your present home, it is a necessity to consider lighting as one of the major elements of your design.
The chandelier dates back to medieval times and was originally the choice of decorative lighting fixtures for the nobility and the wealthy. Over the ages, the chandelier has evolved from simple designs constructed with wood and metal to highly stylized works of art built with materials such as glass and crystals. As technology advances, chandeliers have become more affordable to the general public while maintaining a high level of sophistication and elegance. Prospective buyers looking for custom chandeliers in Toronto have a wide range of customizations to consider.

Why Should I Buy a Chandelier?

Compared to regular lighting fixtures, a chandelier unit can serve as a decorative centerpiece in an otherwise unadorned room. Depending on the chandelier design, it can offer a variety of artistic elements to complement your space. Aside from the traditional symmetrical designs, modern chandeliers are also available in various themes, shapes, and configurations, often with the added flexibility of customization. A floral-themed chandelier can offer a hint of liveliness to a plain environment; paired with multi-coloured glass panels and ornate crystals, its rich radiance can eliminate the need for wall decorations. A modern twist on classical chandelier designs can bring an air of majestic elegance and artistic innovation to any room. Light fixtures with autumn colours of fiery orange and golden yellow can give a sense of warmth to a dining room or living room, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. A chandelier with horizontally aligned hanging lighting units can also be installed, creating the illusion of a wall to separate a single room into separate areas. This can be a cheaper alternative to constructing an actual wall and such a configuration can divide a room while maintaining its openness.

Finding the Right Chandelier for You in Toronto

When purchasing a chandelier, there are a number of factors that a prospective buyer should consider. The dimensions of a chandelier must be taken into account when shopping for such light fixtures. For rooms with lower ceilings, a chandelier may be best suited over furniture such as a dining table or a coffee table, and the distance between the chandelier and the fixture should be considered. A lower hanging chandelier over an object should also be smaller than the diameter of the fixture below to avoid accidental contact with the chandelier. Additionally, the chandelier should be smaller than the object over which it hangs for improved aesthetics. 
The theme of the chandelier’s design should match the overall motif of the room’s décor. Customizing the arrangement of a chandelier to best fit a room must not be overlooked, and leading vendors in the industry should be able to provide you with a range of options. Lastly, a chandelier’s maintenance is a crucial factor for prospective buyers. Certain materials are more resistant to daily wear, such as chipping or scratching, and delicate pieces may prove difficult to clean. However, delicacy is not always elegance when it comes to chandeliers, and beautifully simplistic designs do exist in the market if you know where to look. Prospective buyers can explore stores, websites, and even trade shows for options and ideas on custom chandeliers in Toronto. 
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