Toronto Is a Leader in Video Production

The film and video production industry in Toronto is one of the economic engines of Canada's biggest metropolis. The range of product created is diverse and this benefits the industry further. For example, the skills of people involved in feature film production are easily applied to other branches of the industry, such as the creation of video and corporate videos.
Caruso Films has been making movies since 1990 and now has a dozen feature films to its credit. The company's movies have been screened at many film festivals, and picked up by major distributors. One feature, No Angel, has been in distribution since 1992, and no less than three Caruso films are being released in the coming months.
Frank Caruso, the driving creative force behind the company, has branched out into related fields, including the production of corporate and music videos. The technical and storytelling skills developed in the making of a dozen feature films are proving to be huge assets in the making of corporate videos.

Corporate Videos – The Range

The term ‘corporate video' is a broad one. Generally, corporate videos are commissioned by a company, usually for in-house use. The most common types of corporate videos are staff-training and safety videos, promotional films that enhance the company band, and presentations for shareholder meetings. However, with the rapid expansion of digital technology, videos are being added to company websites. These online videos increase traffic to the site, visitor retention rates, and enhance search engine optimization (SEO).
A production house like Caruso Films will take a client's brief, and work up a script, liaising with the client until a shooting script is agreed upon. A production schedule and delivery date will be put into place.

What to Look for When Choosing a Production Company

Throughout the process, right up to delivery, it is essential for the production company to adhere to both an agreed-upon budget and the production schedule. In a competitive environment like Toronto's, a production house will not survive if it does not strictly adhere to its parameters set out by its client.
Caruso Films has been in business for nearly a quarter century. That longevity speaks to its ability to meet and surpass customer expectations. But the proof is in the finished product, and clients who want to size up the ability of a production house to deliver can simply view its portfolio. Past videos make the best résumés!
Look for good use of lighting. Many corporate videos are shot in company offices and this can present lighting challenges. The same applies to sound quality. How does the video itself age? If a corporate video looks dated (perhaps because of something as simple as the clothing worn by its presenters) then its shelf life will be limited and it's a bad investment.
Most important, pay attention to the script. Does the sample video make its case clearly and succinctly? Has it been well scripted and, if so, is it able to get to the point?
Corporate videos are not as elaborate as feature films but they draw upon the same techniques. Choose only the most qualified video production partner in Toronto!

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