Online Video Production is Booming

Canadians love online videos. Studies suggest that the average Canadian now views many hundreds a month. So it is not surprising that online video production has quickly become an important industry. Companies like Caruso Films have moved into this field and became experts at providing the kind of short videos that consumers and web-users now require as part of their information gathering.
There are many types of commercially-oriented online videos. They include:
  • Testimonial videos – a time-proven device whereby products or people are endorsed by typical consumers, clients or advocates.
  • Product and service explanations that develop an understanding and proficiency with a product, which leads to a consumer bond with the product or technology being demonstrated.
  • Introduction video – a simple video introducing an individual or company, establishing a relationship between that entity and the viewer.
  • Workplace tours.
  • Staff training and safety videos for internal company use.
  • Corporate event filming covers a new product or launch and builds excitement for a brand.
  • Live and on-demand videos.
  • Promotional videos establish the reputation of company and brand.
  • Financial results videos, including shareholder meetings.

The Advantages of Going Online

As mentioned, viewing videos online is becoming the most common way of gathering information for consumers. We live in a visual age and studies show that consumers will invariably choose learning from visual sources over reading text. Also, attention spans are shortening, so quick online videos satisfy the need for quick info-hit.
Online videos increase website traffic. Search engines like them, and they will move a website higher up a Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Once at the website, a customer will linger longer if there are videos. That customer will also return more often, and be more likely to peruse the non-video portions of the site. There is a higher sales conversion rate.
Videos can build a relationship with the customer. They evoke an emotional response in a way that text cannot, and customers will feel they know the product or company. If online visitors like the video they will share them with friends – in effect, taking over the marketing for the product.

What an Online Video Production Company Does…

A company like Caruso Films takes the process of creating an effective online video from conception to completion. A video follows much the same creative process as a film or music video, and requires a concept, extensive front-end consultation, scripting, filming and editing. To be successful, the goals and visions of the corporate customer must be completely understood by the video-maker, as well as branding and marketing plans. Flexibility on the part of the producer is key. As listed above, the goals of online videos can range from simple product endorsement to ones that are educational and informational in nature. Others can be more elaborate in production quality. It's a matter of where the video is being placed – and also the budget.
Experience counts in the online video production business. Track record is everything. You have to be confident that the production company can deliver on time, on budget, and to the specifications with which you have jointly worked out. There is perhaps no greater endorsement of a company than its longevity in this fast changing and rapidly expanding industry.

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