Posting videos online is a smart marketing move for businesses. Not only are they relatively inexpensive to make, they are also continuously accessible. Creating an evergreen video—one that contains information that doesn't become dated—means that the video can be left active for years.

Attract Viewers

The best way to attract a high number of viewers is to have something to offer, beyond a simple marketing message. Draw viewers with an interesting title. Grab the attention of potential viewers and search engines by including popular keywords that are related to the video.
Once the video name draws in viewers, it's important to have relevant content. A video markets itself and any others in the series by drawing repeat views, shares on social networking sites, and enough interest for viewers to be interested in subsequent videos. Creating a video channel to showcase a series of videos helps to build brand recognition and identity. If a corporation does open a channel for its videos, it's important to keep providing fresh content. Videos should be posted regularly to encourage people to subscribe to the video channel. Building popularity for the channel increases the business's own popularity. For small businesses, there's no shame in asking employees, friends, and relatives to follow watch and share a video. Getting the contents out through word of mouth is a good viral marketing technique.
If a business is posting on a sharing website, like YouTube, treat the area for a short description as a marketing tool. Include the business URL there, along with some professional copy that mirrors the tone of the video—funny, professional, friendly, etc. Remember to post the video on the corporate website as well as a means to increase traffic to the site and the amount of time each visitor spends on the site.

Good Production and Editing

Once a video is posted, it's out of the company's control. It can be shared, stored on other devices, or even altered. It's important to ensure that the material is perfect before it even hits a social networking site or video sharing site. Mistakes may be mocked and attract the wrong kind of publicity, damaging a company's reputation. If located in Canada, consider using one of the video production companies in Toronto. It's worth the extra expense to produce a professional video that's error-free and reflects the right message. After all, once released into the wilds of the internet, this video will represent the brand for years to come.
Remember that the video is also a way to market the corporate website. Although this may seem redundant if the video is posted only on the website, remember that it may be liked or shared on social networking sites or reposted on another website so it's important to include the corporate URL at some point in the video. This way if the marketing video is encountered somewhere else online, it directs interested potential clients back to the corporate website. Including the corporate logo throughout the video or bookending the content is also a good idea.

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