The streets and landmarks of Toronto have appeared in many videos. It's easy to find the great locations, state-of-the-art sound studios, and experienced video production companies needed to help create a hit music video.

Filming Music Videos in Toronto

Toronto is a production-friendly city. It has a deep talent pool of everything, from actors and dancers, to technicians, carpenters and other crew, to producers, directors, and writers. All can be found within the city and are experienced with working in the local neighborhoods and sound studios.
For indoor shoots, there's about 900,000 square feet of studio space and stage space in the city. For a mega-large shot, a music video can rent the world's largest purpose-built sound stage or any of the other new state-of-the-art sound stages scattered across the city.
With many diverse neighborhoods in the city, it's easy to make Toronto look like other locations, no matter how far flung. Toronto has doubled for many American cities, as well as London, Morocco, Paris, Saigon, and Tehran. Toronto's vast experience as a filming location means that there are related professional services—such as legal, administrative, and financial—that have experience working in the entertainment industry. There are also many experienced video production companies in Toronto that can lend a hand with pre-production, filming, or post-production services.

Examples of Music Videos Shot in Toronto

Many fine music videos have proudly featured Toronto and its landmarks in their shots. Unsurprisingly, Toronto band, The Barenaked Ladies, shot their video "Lovers in a Dangerous Time” in their hometown. The video features them huddled in their winter clothes as they drive around Scarborough. Another hometown act, Drake, also films videos in Toronto, including his hits "5am in Toronto” and "Started from the Bottom”.
Many classic videos were shot in Toronto. "Subdivisions” by Rush shows sweeping vistas of Toronto shot from a helicopter. "Let Your Backbone Slide” by Maestro Fresh Wes, and "TTC Skidaddler” by Stompin' Tom Connors were all filmed in Toronto. Newer videos like Feist's "1234” and Austria's "Beat and the Pulse” were also filmed in Toronto.

The Music Video Production Industry in Toronto

In the year 2011, a City of Toronto's report on "Film, Television, Commercial and Music Video Production in Toronto” lists music videos as bringing the city 1.15 million dollars out of its entertainment-based on-location filming earnings of 1.13 billion dollars. That total includes only the money earned for permits and other fees. It doesn't include the money made by cast, crew, and production houses.
There are many experienced production houses in Toronto to help clients prepare for, film, and edit music videos in Toronto. An example of an experienced video production company in Toronto is Caruso Films. It's owner, Frank Caruso, is a director, actor, producer, and screenplay writer. He brings decades of experience to crafting music videos, knowing the cutting edge techniques that make videos stand out. That experience can help music videos avoid amateurish mistakes in the editing room or avoid going over budget like a rookie director may. Working with an experienced music video production company in Toronto helps clients relax because they know that they've brought their project to knowledgeable and talented directors, editors, and crew who can create a piece of art.

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