Music Videos Share Similarities with Corporate Videos

At first glance, music video production would seem to offer more license to create than other genres. Some music video production companies use techniques like out-of-focus footage and cutaways, which can enhance the product, whereas they are frowned upon in a corporate video. But although artistic impression is paramount in a music video, the route to making that impact is not a lot different than the one used in making a corporate video.
Just as a corporate video must be true to the company message and branding, so too a video must accurately represent an artist and song. It is important to carefully script both kinds of videos. With a music video, that involves outlining the series of images that will be used to support the song and, like a corporate video, it cannot be done "off the cuff”.
In both corporate and music videos, the setting is a backdrop – it cannot be allowed to compete with the message. Good lighting is essential. What constitutes "good” may differ with a music video but in both kinds of video bad lighting will simply make the product look amateurish.
There is obviously going to be more pressure on a musician to give a memorable performance, but even here there are similarities. No one expects a bank president to bring a tear to the eye as one might expect from singer of a ballad. However, the corporate performer must also deliver a message convincingly.

Why Some Videos Fail

The flipside of the potential of both music and corporate videos – their ability to deliver a message effectively and with maximum impact – is that they can also flop miserably. It's not a scenario that is comfortable to contemplate but the fact is, there is a lot of bad production happening.
Money can be the reason. Corporations must watch the bottom line and the lowest bidder for a corporate video will always look the most attractive. But the low-baller may not be the best choice.
There should be only one criterion: track record. The producer of a video – whether it is corporate or music – is going to have to offer up a résumé and the proof of expertise is thus very tangible. Take the time to watch a video producer's product in its entirety and ensure it fits with your vision.

Experience Counts

Frank Caruso has been making films for over twenty five years. His Toronto-based company Caruso Visual Productions Inc. – often referred to as Caruso Films – has been in active production since August, 1990. Its first feature-length movie, No Angel, was released in 1992. A dozen films have followed, along with music videos, commercials and, increasingly, high-quality corporate videos.
Caruso Films is also a music video production company that is respected both for its work and its work ethic. Bringing productions in on time and on budget – and delivering a product that meets customer expectations – is the only way a company can stay afloat in an extremely competitive business. A quarter-century track record speaks for itself.
The skills evident in the differing products complement each other. A music video may not look like a corporate video – but the professionalism that lies beneath it is identical.

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