The City of Toronto has a thriving movie production industry, bolstered by the experienced directors, producers, actors, technicians, and crew that live in the city. At any given time, it's not unusual to see multiple productions shooting on city streets.

Why Choose Toronto?

Toronto is the third largest screen-based production centre in North America. It has about 900,000 sq. ft. of studio and stage space. It even has the largest purpose-built sound stage in the world, along with many state-of-the art sound stages scattered throughout the city.
Toronto has a lot to offer productions outside as well. Its diverse neighborhoods make it easy to mimic locations as diverse as New York, Chicago, Washington, Paris, London, Morocco, Saigon, and Tehran, just to name a few. Local production companies know the city well and can match screenplay locations with local areas that have the right look.
Productions may also be eligible for provincial and/or federal tax credits. Knowledgeable companies like the Toronto Film & Television Office can help companies navigate the available services, along with deal with assorted guilds and actor's unions. There are also permits that must be submitted to the city and approved before shooting can begin. In addition, the number of productions that have filmed in Toronto have led to experienced professionals in legal, financial, and even administrative film-related business. Film production in Toronto is a busy and lively industry that keeps growing.

Code of Conduct

The city has a code of conduct for the cast and crew of movie productions. It involves treating both people and property with courtesy during filming. The code also prohibits lewd or rude language, clothes with rude or offensive slogans, or offensive posters or signage at the site. The producers and production company are responsible for ensuring that the code of conduct is followed.
Businesses and residents must be notified before a production films in the area. The notification must include the production company's name along with the contact information for the location manager and location assistant, the production name and type, and information on the number of days—including dates and times—that the production will be there. That information should include the prep and strike days.
Filming in residential areas is only permitted between seven in the morning and 11 at night. If the majority of residents provide permission, night shoots may proceed. Cast and crew must be careful not to trespass during a shoot and must remain within the boundaries of the areas approved for filming. If vegetation needs to be trimmed, it must be approved by the property owner or municipal authority before anything can be cut. If street signs need to be moved, they must be moved by city of Toronto staff.
No alcohol is allowed on the set or at any location at any time. Meals have to be eaten in the designated area and smoking must also occur within those limits. Cast and crew need to wear their production badges at all times—except when in front of the camera for filming. If properly followed, these simple steps will result in a high-quality movie production created in the great City of Toronto.

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