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In a world of media conglomerates, indie film companies remain the creative lifeblood of the business. They are resourceful, adaptable and efficient. They often offer a diverse array of products – from feature films to music and corporate videos. The skill-sets developed in one field enhance production in other areas. Caruso Films is a prime example of an indie film company that is now making its mark beyond feature-length movies.
Frank Caruso began his career in live theatre. In the early 1980s he began producing professional theatre in Toronto and over the next decade staged 45 productions – a considerable achievement in a precarious profession. The economics of live theatre demand an ability to budget carefully and then remain within that budget – show after show.
In the early 1990s, Caruso moved into film-making and formed his own production house, Caruso Visual Productions Inc., more commonly referred as Caruso Films. From the get-go Caruso Films established a successful track record of producing films from concept to presentation. Its first feature, No Angel, was released in 1992 and has been distributed in over twenty countries. It has been aired on A & E, City TV, Super Channel and many other networks.
A dozen more films have followed over the intervening years, with three new features about to be released. Caruso Films has also moved into the areas of music videos, commercials and corporate videos.

Corporate Videos Share Qualities with Film

At first glance, it would seem that the world of corporate videos would not share much with full-length films. But there are, in fact, many areas where skills needed for one inform the other.
Mundane as it might seem, lighting is key to a successful corporate video. Many corporate videos are filmed at the host company and not in purpose-built studios. Lighting in offices is far dimmer than that required for filming – and there is nothing worse than a dark or dimly-lit video. It gives the impression of a business in trouble – not the image that a corporation wants to convey! Creative lighting can also add drama to a message and, overall, gives a professional sheen to the product.
Similarly, sound can be tricky in an office environment – office and conference rooms echo, sound hollow or have sound bleed from other areas. You cannot let your audience work to hear your product.

Scripting Is Also Key

An important element of film production applies to the writing of a script for corporate videos. The video should be scripted. Business leaders are quite often trained speakers but even the most polished president can get off message. It is essential to keep the video short – the intended audience should always be kept in mind. If it's aimed at company staff, they are taking time out from a busy work schedule. If it's a video destined to enhance a website, the short attention spans of web visitors must be taken into account. Get to the point. Back up any claims with proof. Engage the audience by speaking directly to the camera. And end the video with a call to action.
These are all lessons learned by Frank Caruso over his storied career running an indie film company.

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