The production of corporate videos in Toronto include everything from commercials, promotional videos, and webcasts to training and conference videos. Using their past experience, the production team should be able to help their corporate partner through the process, from pre-production preparation to post-production polish.

What to Expect

Corporate video production encompasses anything the company needs. It's that simple. The business provides the ideas and a script, and the production team brings it to life. A team can be hired to do interviews, take video of keynote speakers, or put together a glossy commercial. The production house provides all equipment related to making the video, including lights, cameras, microphones, tripods, monitors, booms, and any other required equipment.
The production team will start by meeting with the business to determine the scope of the video. This includes discovering the target market, timeline, and any other needs. The team will take this information back to their studio and come up with a plan to bring the video to life. After receiving approval, the project moves into production, with the equipment, actors, and key people put in place for filming.
During post-production, the video is brought to completion. This is where editors, graphic designers, voice actors and others get involved to add animation, graphics, music, and any voiceovers that are needed. Separate shots are edited and put in the right sequence.
After the delivery of the final video, the relationship between the video production company and the business doesn't necessarily end. Many film houses are happy to help promote videos or help with distribution. Using connections and experience, the production company can help external corporate videos find the right audience.

Stylistic Points

There's no reason why a corporate video has to equal dry and boring. Work with the production company to make the content engaging instead of sticking to dull facts and figures. A good video gets people talking, whether it's employees discussing a training video or corporate message video around the water-cooler or potential customers and clients sharing videos and reposting them on social networking sites and blogs. Make the story emotionally engaging. In fact, make it a story. Period. Just adding a story, as opposed to facts and figures alone, can increase interest. Weave the founder's story with the drier material when working on a video for the annual meeting. Share customer testimonials. Help viewers connect with characters so they take the message to heart. Otherwise, viewers may click away or subtly pull out mobile devices to pass the time.
The best way to sell a brand or product is to set out knowing the unique selling proposition. Does it come in more colours than the competition? Is there a compelling reason to choose the product or brand? Canadian film production companies can help their clients make the most of the medium. Instead of relying on voiceovers to tell clients, be prepared to show them with stock images, interviews, product demonstrations, and more. Making a corporate video in Toronto means having access to a deep talent pool of actors, directors, and other production staff. Take advantage of it.

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