There are many reasons why a corporation may need an internal or external video. It may be a commercial for a new product, promotional videos that show potential customers how to use a product, or a brand-building video. Internally, a company may need intranet webcasts, documentation of conferences and keynote speakers, or training videos, and corporate video production services can help you achieve that.

Inspiring Message

There's no reason why a corporate video has to be boring. In fact, sticking to a safe, dull tone defeats the purpose of a corporate video. It should stir up excitement, inspire conversations around the water-cooler, and spread via shares and likes over social networking sites. The company is spending money to get people talking about a product, teaching people about product use, documenting annual meetings for future reference, educating employees, or many other reasons. The only reason to spend money is to make money—either by boosting brand awareness or increasing employee production via training or increased morale. This means avoiding overloading targets with facts, figures, and pie charts. Instead, a good video should be emotionally engaging. It should tell a story so viewers can connect with the characters and the message. Even an internal video has a better chance of leaving an impression and inspiring employees if it has a story that staff can get behind.
Before creating a script or even calling a film company, a business should know its unique selling proposition. Knowing what makes a brand or product unique helps determine the angle that the video should take. A voiceover is nice but remember to think in images: show don't tell. Film is a visual medium and this is a chance to get the message out there with more than words. Corporate videos can include stock footage, interviews, graphics, voiceovers, and more.

Why Experience Matters

A poorly directed video full of miscues and shoddy production quality can seriously harm a business's credibility. It reflects badly on the brand and the corporation behind it. This can be especially important when the video concerns a product launch or is meant to recruit new business. An experienced filmmaker will work with interview subjects and others who will appear in the video to help draw on their strengths. Some people will prefer to have a tightly scripted role whereas others may want to be asked leading questions. Some subjects may not want to follow a script at all. As long as everything from the script to the budget and timeline is approved by management before moving forward, the production should move smoothly under the guidance of experienced professionals.
When looking for corporate video production in Toronto, it's important to consider the quality each video production company offers. Experience has a lot to offer. Take Toronto company Caruso Films. It's owner, Frank Caruso, has worked as an actor, director, producer, and writer. His decade-spanning experience includes 45 stage productions, 12 feature films, commercials, and video productions. Putting an experienced production house behind the camera for corporate video productions leads to high-quality, targeted productions.

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