Training Videos Are Effective

Corporate training videos are ubiquitous. They are often the most effective way to impart knowledge – from home do-it-yourself jobs, to hobbies, to difficult workplace tasks. The digital media is teeming with corporate training videos and their popularity is simple: they show, don't tell, and there is probably no more effective way to learn.
As we emerge from the Great Recession, the case for corporate videos has never been stronger. Company travel has been scaled back and executives are no longer jetting the nation, sharing head office wisdom with the hinterlands in person. Similarly, budgets for training have often been scaled back. That may be a false economy, but it does make a good case for using effective videos.

Some Tips for Effective Videos

Training videos can be deadly dull or simply not useful. By following a few basic tips, they can be effective and informative.
  • Script it. The information must be well-organized. A video that has been scripted and rehearsed is always going to work better than anything off the cuff.
  • In line with that, a scripted video also has a far better chance of being concise and succinct. Most how-to videos are quite short. If it is a longer task that is being shown, then it's wise to break the video up into 5-minute increments. Keep in mind that attention spans are very short.
  • Hire an actor to voice the video. Joan from the HR department may be a great source of wisdom but chances are her on-air technique is lacking. That said, if there are tasks to be demonstrated, use company staff – it promotes inclusiveness. And if the video is about something big – like the future of the company – then the CEO should be up front and center.
  • Dress the part. Flashy or trendy clothing distracts and dates a video.
  • Use sound judgment. The viewer should never have to work to hear what is being said. Microphones are an inexpensive way to make your point clearly.
  • Lighting can be simple, but that should also be ‘simply ample'. If you're demonstrating a task in darkness, it's not going to be seen. And if you're trying to convey sincerity, you won't get the effect you desire if your face is in shadows.
  • Shoot it twice, and then edit it.
  • If you need close-ups, and you likely will, shoot them separately from the main body of the video and edit them in later.
  • Consider using graphics. We think with our eyes. Clean graphics make messages memorable.

Who to Hire to Produce Your Training Video

Corporate video-making is a huge industry and the web and yellow pages are full of companies ready, willing and eager to separate you from your video dollar. Resist the urge to economize. Whether it is a corporate training video where clarity is key, or a glossy company video where you want to impart a motivational message, going cheap is a false economy. Hire a company with a track record – and one that you can physically visit. Ask to see more than a list of clients; screen the videos that company has actually done, and let your own eyes do the deciding.

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