Caruso Films has Successful History

It has been an incredible journey for a talented Canadian film producer. Frank Caruso founded Caruso Cabaret Productions in 1980. His company successfully produced forty-five live theatre shows over a ten-year period. That kind of record in an exceptionally difficult field of artistic endeavor speaks both to Caruso's artistic abilities and production acumen.
In 1990, Caruso took the next step. He founded Caruso Visual Productions Inc., more commonly known as Caruso Films. He launched into film production and score his first hit just two years later, with No Angel. The story of a playboy advertising executive meeting his female match, No Angel has been in distribution ever since its 1992 debut, and has been broadcast in twenty countries.
A dozen other films from Caruso Films have followed, including:
  • Love Letters Trilogy, a romance picked up by Alliance-Atlantis for release
  • Night Crawlers, a drama
  • Tough Love, a drama released in 2006
  • And three films due to be released this year – Risk Factor, Final Dance and Club Utopia
The delivery record of Caruso Films is even more impressive when its other activities are factored in, including the production of commercials, music videos and - most important -corporate videos.

Do You Need a Corporate Video?

The use of corporate videos is rapidly increasing, as companies look for better ways to communicate with its workforce in a challenging economic environment. The recession has made travel budgets come under intense scrutiny and a good video can save on travel expenses – and have an extended shelf life that allows it to remain in use for many years.
Video is necessary when movement of product needs to be depicted. If you are describing a robotic car wash, it's not going to help to have a person in a business suit sitting behind a desk trying to describe it. You need to show it.
A corporate video is also ideal if an emotional response is to be generated. By combining music, lighting words and graphics, a much more powerful impact can be achieved. And if you need consistency, then one video can convey the same message right across your corporation.

Is Caruso Films the Right Production House for Your Video?

The best way of choosing among the many production companies vying for your video dollar is to view their past work. It is suggested that you view complete productions, not sizzle or demo reels. Base your decision on what you see on screen – not what you are being "sold”. The beauty of choosing a production company this way is that it is a ‘no-surprises test' – what you see, is what you will ultimately also get.
Look also for that production history. A company like Toronto-based Caruso Films has not been in business for nearly twenty-five years without clearly developing an ability to deliver a quality product, on budget, and on time.
For your part, you must know your message, and be clear on the creative approach you prefer. Does the work offered meet your expectations, or jive with the way you see your video going?
There are many Canadian film producers, but experience is what makes a producer the best bet for your corporate video.

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