Frank Caruso Brings Experience and Versatility to Directing

Canadian directors have been setting the film and television world on fire in recent years. From James Cameron to Atom Egoyan, their work is being produced and screened all over the world to great acclaim. To these names, and those of dozens of others, add Frank Caruso. The Ontario-based director has enjoyed a rich career as a writer, producer, actor and director, and is one of the busiest professionals in his field.
Frank Caruso began his show business career in commercial theatre, as a performer. He has gone on to make his mark as a director and producer of forty-five stage plays, twelve feature films, numerous commercials, music videos and corporate videos. His production house – Caruso Visual Productions Inc. – was founded in 1990 and is better known, simply, as Caruso Films.
Caruso Films' first production was the 1992 feature No Angel. It has been in distribution since 1992, screened in 20 countries, and broadcast on a variety of television channels including A & E, Super Channel and CITY TV. Many other films followed, including Night Crawlers, Tough Love and the touching Final Dance.

Caruso Films Produces Effective Corporate Videos

With all this expertise under his belt, it is not surprising that Caruso Films has added another production area to its résumé – corporate videos. As digital technology continues to expand, the corporate video increasingly requires broader expertise in filming techniques. There is plenty of room for the simple, ‘talking head' instructional video. But corporate videos are also being used to reach and inspire an employee base that is much more sophisticated now in its viewing habits.
Companies with a presence on the internet are also recognizing that the use of corporate videos dramatically increases traffic to websites. Research indicates that a site with online video content is much more likely to hit the top Google ratings than one with just text pages. Videos also are credited with increasing the time visitors spend on the site.
Corporate videos are an effective way of establishing an emotional connection with employees or web-browsers, as well as a time-efficient medium for viewers. The fact that they are becoming technically more elaborate means that the expert services of a professional are required. Cue: Caruso Films, with its nearly 25 years of proven achievement in the film production, guided by Canadian director Frank Caruso.

Quick Tips for Successful Corporate Videos

We have all seen successful videos that can enhance a corporate image. The converse is also true – corporate videos can be excruciating to watch and a drain on company resources. There are a number of considerations before beginning the production process.
It's important to know exactly what you are going to say, and to be able to say it clearly and succinctly. Leave the jargon on the cutting room floor. Keep it short and to the point. Make sure any added elements – backgrounds, music, and movement – underline and enhance the message, rather than confuse the issue. Keep an eye glued to the bottom line. Deal with a company like Caruso Films – a Canadian director with a proven track record of meeting production targets within prescribed budgets.

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