Experience Counts in Changing Media Landscape

When Frank Caruso began directing and producing movies, he never dreamt that one day it would be possible to buy movies online. Caruso established his film and video production house, Caruso Visual Productions Inc., in August 1990. Commonly referred to as Caruso Films, Caruso has gone on to make a dozen feature length films, beginning with his 1992 No Angel, which was picked up by Alliance Atlantis and has been screened in over twenty countries.
Caruso's involvement in the film community – which includes being a founding member of the Toronto Italian Film Festival – has since broadened. Caruso Films now produces music videos, commercials and, increasingly, high-quality corporate videos.

The Move to Corporate Videos

The time is certainly right for such a move. Two relatively recent events have increased the importance of videos for corporate communication. The first development is, of course, email. It has dramatically changed interaction patterns within corporations. People are less connected visually or by voice. The second, more recent factor has been the recession, which has had a big impact on corporate communication. In an effort to optimize time use, revenue generation and cost containment of corporate travel, face-to-face meetings have taken a big hit.
Paralleling those two developments has been the emergence of an increasingly media-savvy workforce and the ongoing need to motivate it, as the economy returns to growth mode. Video communication is the ideal facilitator – if it is done correctly.
And that's the rub. There field of corporate video-making is crowded, but very few players have the experience and expertise of Caruso Films. The skills that have allowed the company to successfully produce movies, music videos and television commercials are readily adaptable to the production of motivationally exciting corporate videos.

A Few Considerations for Successful Corporate Videos

The quality of the message – the actual content – should be the foremost consideration in the preparation of the video.
If brevity is the soul of wit, nowhere is it more evident than in a corporate video. Just as a great video can motivate a workforce, so too can an overwritten, overlong one deflate its audience. Communication is the key to success and videos should be scripted and succinct. Jargon is the first refuge of the confused – and should be eliminated.
There are many technical dos and don'ts that parallel those in film and video production. The sound quality should be top-notch. If you are imparting information, don't make the audience work to hear it. Videos shot in an office environment may bring with them aural hazards – echoes, ambient noise, and muffling.
Similarly, lighting is important. Office lighting is often too dark for a good video and dim lighting gives an immediate, bad impression. Creative lighting can add drama to the message and also makes the speaker look more professional.
The bottom line is that a corporate video must be engaging. In the multi-platform media environment that has exploded in the past two decades, the competition for corporate eyes and ears is intense. The level of expectation has never been higher.

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