High-Level Condo Living
The process of developing condominium buildings in the Greater Toronto Area has changed considerably according to Albert Gasparro. Space is at a premium and many projects are focused on using every last inch of available space in order to maximize the price of the suites. This means that many people will end up purchasing an undersized condo with modest amenities that will limit the enjoyment of the living space.
The Guizzetti Corporation is a different type of real estate development firm operating in the GTA. The company is focused on creating condominium projects that go above normal expectations to deliver a better condo living experience for its residents. Instead of cutting corners to increase profits and producing cookie-cutter suites, the Guizzetti Corporation goes in the opposite direction to create elegant modern living spaces with the best possible amenities.
The current Guizzetti Corporation project is the Grand Palace condominium building in Richmond Hill. The Grand Palace is far from being just another condominium building in the city; it has been designed from the ground up to be the most prominent condo building in Richmond Hill. The Guizzetti Corporation has quickly gained a solid reputation for innovation and high-quality building standards for its projects around the GTA.
The Grand Palace Difference
The Grand Palace project has been designed to be extraordinary in every sense. The three 15-storey glass buildings were designed to create a stunning opulence and transform the city's esthetic. In place of the typical gym and pool area, there is a Grand Spa – an appropriate name given to an elegant area offering a fitness and yoga studio, sauna, pool, whirlpool and lounge. The purpose of the Grand Spa is to provide the highest levels of comfort for all of the residents.
All of the available suites are spacious offering exceptional open-concept modern designs with excellent build quality. Special attention is given to maximizing natural light in the suites and the soaring nine-foot ceilings work to improve the open feeling of the suites as well. Premium upgrades are standard including granite countertops, chic glass walls, porcelain tiles and energy-efficient stainless steel appliances.
The focus is on providing luxury condo living while also delivering affordable unit prices. This allows more people to enjoy the benefits of the amenities that are offered without overextending themselves financially.
Exceptional Management
The Grand Palace is a combination of ideas, innovation and experience from the three major partners of the Guizzetti Corporation. All three partners share the same business values and strive to be the best at what they bring to the company while maintaining integrity.
Stefano Guizzetti is the founding partner and president. He is known for continually challenging the construction industry with innovative new designs.
Albert Gasparro is a director and partner with a strong financing background. He is also a well-known philanthropist and the Guizzetti Corporation mirrors his generosity with donations and support of organizations such as the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Habitat for Humanity.
Jack Scivoletto is also a director and partner with over 30 years of experience bringing innovation to the building process.
The strength of the Guizzetti Corporation is the wealth of experience and their ability to work well together. The future of affordable luxury condos is being realized in Richmond Hill.
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