Local charities in Toronto exist to serve the public and are often the lighthouse in a stormy sea to those who are having a difficult time in life. Being a member of one of the most prominent Italian families in the GTA, Albert Gasparro believes that being a successful businessman also comes with the responsibility of helping the community which has been such a great part of his success. By being an active member and donor to several of the city's most important charitable organizations, Mr. Gasparro personifies what can be achieved with a lot of hard work and an equal amount of heart.
The Art Gallery of Ontario is a cultural beacon of creativity and human ingenuity. This prestigious organization showcases some of the most important artistic pieces from around the world in addition to promoting local artistry. As part of a multi-family collaborative effort, the Albert Gasparro family personally made an incredibly generous donation of $500,000 for a combined total of $10 million, which was earmarked for an expansion and showcasing of the incredible art work.
Everything is Sunny at Sunnybrook
The Sunnybrook Foundation is a charitable organization which raises money for operations, purchasing new equipment, and continued research into medical ailments and cures. While being a prominent businessman certainly takes up a great deal of Albert Gasparro's time, he still makes it a priority to be on the board of directors helping to promote this incredibly important foundation and the hospital it supports. He has personally donated over $1 million dollars to its continued success.
Star of Solidarity
While success in business and philanthropy has brought Albert Gasparro recognition here in Canada, it has also earned him praise from his home country of Italy as well. For his generous contributions to the GTA community, Albert has been awarded the Star of Solidarity, an honour bestowed upon expatriatesof Italian lineage who personify the promotion of co-operation and friendly relations with other countries on Italy's behalf.
But that's not All…
Continuing his penchant for helping others, Mr. Gasparro, on behalf of the Guizzetti company, has been a prominent supporter of the Yellow Brick House, a facility which aids women and children who have been the victims of domestic violence and abuse, and has donated more than $50,000 to the organization. This money will be used to build a second facility with the ability to help twice as many families. This type of generous donation is in addition to the great amount of time which he selflessly gives in order to help the organization reach its full potential.
Investing in a better future for all residents of the GTA is the legacy that Albert Gasparro has spent a lifetime cultivating and its positive influence is felt in all corners of the city. While many people in his position are thinking of ways to make themselves even more profit, this successful businessman knows that he is only as strong as the weakest members of his community and selflessly devotes himself to the improvement of the lives of those around him.
Albert Gasparro
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Albert Gasparro
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