Changing Condo Living in the GTA
The Greater Toronto Area is one of the fastest growing areas for new condominium developments in all of North America. According to Albert Gasparro, this is leading to rushed and poorly planned condo developments that are not helping to improve the standards of condominium living in the area.
The Guizzetti Corporation is a real estate development firm with current developments in the Richmond Hill area. The corporation is dedicated to changing the way people in the Richmond Hill area view condominiums by building truly elegant suites that combine luxury with affordability and sustainability. The Grand Genesis and Grand Palace condo developments in Richmond Hill are much different from (and superior to) typical condominium buildings that are being build across the GTA. These buildings are exceptionally well-planned and built to extremely high-quality standards. The Guizzetti Corporation is dedicated to delivering modern, open-concept living spaces that boast luxurious accents and appliances to deliver a new standard of elegant condo living. These suites are designed to appeal to everyone from young professionals to empty nesters who are looking to enjoy a comfortable life in Richmond Hill.
Luxurious Amenities
The suites at the Grand Palace contain high-end accents and details such as nine-foot ceilings, granite countertops, premium porcelain tiles, sleek fixtures, energy-efficient stainless steel appliances and climate control that are commonly only available in the highest-priced condos in the city. In addition to the amenities found within the suites themselves, there are also a number of other luxuries available to its residents. This includes:
  • Party rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Guest suites
  • Outdoor terraces
The Grand Spa truly raises the level of luxury of the Grand Palace to another level. Instead of the typical pool and gym area for residents, the Grand Palace offers the Grand Spa – a special area that offers a number of services focused on increasing the comfort of residents. These services include a fitness studio, sauna, pool, yoga studio as well as a lounge area.
Despite these expensive amenities, the Grand Palace boasts affordability that is extremely rare in suites of this quality. The Guizzetti Corporation has displayed a strong dedication to providing affordable luxury to its customers.
The Guizzetti Corporation Partners
The Guizzetti Corporation is composed of three major partners. All three of these partners pride themselves on being the best at what they do and they each bring very distinctive talents to the corporation.
Stefano Guizzetti is the founding partner and president of the Guizzetti Corporation. He has a rich history of developing unique and modern concept living spaces.
Jack Scivoletto is a director and partner with over 30 years of building experience that allows him to bring innovation to developments as well as increase community interaction.
Albert Gasparro is a director and partner with over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. He also has an extensive history of philanthropy in the GTA with several large donations and countless hours serving on the board of directors for both the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and the Yellow Brick House. The Guizzetti Corporation mirrors Albert's own charitable nature by continuing to support many key charitable organizations in the community.
The Guizzetti Corporation continues to realize the partners' vision of creating affordable luxury living projects that improve the esthetics of the city.
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