What is the Guizzetti Corporation?
The Guizzetti Corporation comprising of Stefano Guizzetti, Albert Gasparro and Jack Scivoletto, is a prominent real estate development firm operating in Ontario. The firm has many years of experience developing residential, industrial and commercial buildings around the Richmond Hill area.
What sets the Guizzetti Corporation apart from other real estate development companies begins with the varied successful backgrounds, integrity and creativity of all three partners. In strong contrast to the cold, hard nature of many businesses, the Guizzetti Corporation is built on time-honored business philosophies with an emphasis on maintaining transparency and honesty.
Guizzetti Corporation Partners
Stefano Guizzetti is the president and founding partner of the company with a history of projects responsible for improving the Yonge Street corridor in Richmond Hill. Stefano continually challenges the construction industry by creating new innovative and distinct living space concepts.
Albert Gasparro is a partner and director of the company. Albert has worked extremely hard in his finance career to be successful. His own personal success has given him greater opportunities to pursue his other true passion – helping others in need. Albert is one of the truly great philanthropists in all of Ontario and he continually finds the time to give back to the community. He currently serves as a board member on the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and for the Yellow Brick House – a center for abused women and children. Albert's passion for helping others in need continues to show through the Guizzetti Corporation's philanthropic record with support and donations to charitable organizations around the Greater Toronto Area.
Jack Scivoletto is also a partner and director. He has built a solid reputation in real estate development based on over 30 years of involvement with both low and high-rise residential and commercial projects across the GTA. He provides a valuable source of innovation with a focus on developing unique characteristics that differentiate Guizzetti Corporation projects from all others.
The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace Condominiums is an example of what can be accomplished when creative and determined people combine great ideas with strong business skills. The unique visions of Stefano Guizzetti, Albert Gasparro and Jack Scivoletto are all on display with this exciting new condominium development in Richmond Hill.
Stefano Guizzetti's influence can be felt in the high-quality materials used to create the state-of-the-art open-concept living spaces. This includes nine-foot ceilings and stylish glass walls with special attention given to maximizing natural light and premium accents.
The influence of Jack Scivoletto is obvious in the design of the Grand Palace's beautiful winter garden as well as the Grand Spa pavilion. These features also help to promote further interaction with the community.
Albert Gasparro is known for going the extra mile to make the people around him feel comfortable. The Grand Palace condominiums are designed to provide exceptional luxury living spaces for comfortable prices. Albert is very proud of the fact that Grand Palace is affordably priced for anyone looking to live and work in the Richmond Hill area.
The Guizzetti Corporation projects continue to push the boundaries of affordable luxury living combined with LEED-certified eco-friendly building practices while the excellent philanthropic efforts further display the company's dedication to helping the community.
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