The Green Shift in Business
We are a socially more conscientious society and with that comes a responsibility of businesses and organizations to respond to concerns that have an impact on society. The environment and the corporate carbon footprint is a concern for many Canadians like Albert Gasparro, and with good reason. Corporations have responded to this concern, and as doing such is minimizing the gap between corporate and social attitudes. The result: the future of business has evolved and looks a whole lot greener. New attitudes have developed towards ecological and community responsibility from corporations, organizations, and government programs. Today's investors and consumers are more conscientious of green initiatives and are more likely to invest or spend their money with organizations who share their attitudes and ideals. This new approach to living a more green life extends not only to the vehicles people drive, but the way families power homes and invest their money.
Investors no longer need to feel as though they are sacrificing their personal values to achieve their personal financial goals. Generally speaking, socially responsible investing encourages corporate practices that reflect a strong connection to common core social values such as protecting human rights, offering consumer protection and creating an environmental stewardship. The latter is becoming a must for organizations – the planet is seeing a real shift in environmental attitudes. Many homeowners for example are making the switch to solar and wind energy to relieve the dependency on gas and electric power. The government also offers rebate programs for implementing cleaner energy sources in the home or business – appealing to bank accounts as well as social concerns. When businesses make the shift in adapting a greener attitude towards business and how business is conducted, change is inevitable and with that change comes an opportunity for job growth and development – improving not only society's attitude towards the environment, but its workforce as well.
Investing in a Green Tomorrow
There are many organizations committed to investing in a green future. Independent merchant banks for example, have a mandate to invest in clean energy projects, sustainable businesses and in businesses that exemplify a greener attitude. Such organizations and businesses are not industry specific – a benefit to investors as support is provided to a variety of businesses and organizations. Despite working with a broad range of businesses and projects, organizations that develop funds for investing share a common goal of creating sustainability for a cleaner future. This in turn will increase the value of the property or business as this shift in social responsibility continues.
Eco-friendly funds are generally managed by core teams of highly successful people, usually business executives who have proven track records of building and running profitable businesses. That experience, combined with a passion for investing in a greener future through improving key social issues and it is clear the future of investments is a lot more friendly, and not just for the environment.
Canadians can certainly invest and achieve financial success without compromising their core social values through such eco-friendly investments that not only benefit the environment through green initiatives, but create jobs, and impact additional social concerns such as poverty and homelessness.
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