As Toronto Reaches for the Sky…
Toronto’s skyline is filled with cranes. Condo buildings in Toronto seem to appear almost overnight. This construction boom is controversial. Most urban observers applaud the densification of the city, because the condominiums add excitement to an already vibrant metropolis. 
However others have noted that there is often a bland, sameness to the design of many of the buildings. Because they are owner-occupied, they are going to be around for a long time. For better or for worse, Toronto is stuck with them. 
… Richmond Hill Makes its own Architectural Statement
It is useful, therefore, to take a look at one large new development that truly enhances its neighbourhood. That game-changing development is taking place in the city of Richmond Hill – Guizzetti Corporation’s Grand Palace condominiums. 
It starts with the architect. Hariri Pontarini Architects is a star Canadian firm that is behind a number of gorgeous and city-changing projects, both in Canada and internationally. In Toronto, HPA is responsible for the Shangri-La condo, which has given the base of University Avenue a much needed injection of pizzazz. Internationally, their visually-stunning design of a Baha’i temple in Santiago Chile is drawing acclaim.
Hariri Pontarini emphasizes light and grace in their buildings, as well as putting them in sympathetic context with their surroundings. This is immediately noticeable in the classy Grand Palace project. 
Behind the Grand Palace
The three men behind the Guizzetti Corporation have a long history of philanthropy, both personally and through their corporation. They have helped fund charities and institutions as diverse as Sunnybrook Hospital’s Health Services Centre, The Yellow Brick House (a shelter for abused women and children) and the Art Gallery of Ontario. For the latter, the Albert Gasparro family donated $500,000, as part of a much-admired initiative by twenty families to establish a Gallerie Italia in the Frank Gehry-redesigned building.
There is one other fascinating fact that speaks volumes. The three principals in Guizzetti Corporation – Stefano Guizzetti, Alberto Gasparro and Jack Scivoletto – have each bought suites in The Grand Palace. When the developers are themselves buying into their condo building, it would suggest it is going to be topnotch. 
Condo Buildings
Albert Gasparro, principal and director at the Guizzetti Corporation, hopes to change the way people in the GTA think about condos.
Toronto has experienced an unprecedented condo "boom” in the past decade. While this phenomenon has provided many people with housing, it has also led to some unfortunate situations. Too often we hear about fly-by-night developers scooping up available pieces of land to create hastily-built condominiums, and buyers who find themselves paying too much for too little. A high percentage of these downtown condos are simple "boxes,” built with inexpensive materials and meant to make a quick profit for the developer.
If you are considering purchasing a condo, be sure that you learn as much as you can about the possibilities available to you. You may be heartened to learn that if you are willing to look outside the downtown Toronto core, there are some condominium projects that are well designed, luxurious, and well built – yet also affordable. You will even find some spectacular condos that feature environmentally-responsible design and construction.
Richmond Hill Luxury
Many people are discovering that living in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto, gives them the chance to experience a lifestyle that would not be possible in downtown Toronto. Richmond Hill is a charming community that has all the amenities of a big city but has retained the friendly atmosphere of a small town. With a growing population and new premium condominium developments, life in Richmond Hill has never been better!
One impressive project now underway in Richmond Hill is the Grand Palace condominium development, located in the heart of town on the west side of Yonge Street. The Guizzetti Corporation, headed by partners Stefano Guizetti, Jack Scivoletto, and Albert Gasparro, has begun work there on three towers that offer the ultimate in luxury living at an affordable price. Designed by the acclaimed architectural firm Hariri Pontarini, each spacious suite features nine-foot ceilings, glass walls, high-quality appliances and fixtures, natural stone countertops, and wood floors. Each building houses a spectacular garden lobby plus amenities such as party and meeting rooms, outdoor terraces, and a 24-hour concierge. The hub of the development is the Grand Spa, a unique fitness centre and spa that includes a swimming pool, world-class gym facilities, a yoga studio, and retail shops. This development, which will be ready for occupancy in 2014, promises to be a jewel in the centre of Richmond Hill.
Environmentally Responsible
So many of us are concerned about living sustainably and reducing our carbon footprints. Here, too, the Grand Palace Condo project is ahead of the curve. The partners of the Guizzetti Corporation are committed to building to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification or equivalency. LEED buildings help to conserve water and energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and also create a much healthier indoor living environment.
The three principals of the Guizetti Corporation have each purchased units in the towers. Guizzetti, Scivoletto, and Gasparro believe in their work, and they continue to collaborate on new dream projects. Once the Grand Palace is complete, look for more innovative and environment-friendly building projects from the Guizzetti Corporation.
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