Albert Gasparro – an Ethos of Philanthropy
The essential thing to know about Albert Gasparro is his guiding belief that successful people must give back – and generously – to their communities.  The partner of the Guizzetti Corporation is joined in this by the two other principals of the industry-leading development company – President Stefano Guizzetti, and Partner and Director Jack Scivoletto. 
The three men have made important donations both personally, and through Guizzetti Corporation, to a number of charities. These include Sunnybrook Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and the Yellow Brick House (a woman’s shelter for abused women and children). Two arts institutions have also been big beneficiaries: the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The Gasparro family is recognized in the AGO’s celebrated Gallerie Italia for its donation of $500,000.
Applying the Principals of Philanthropy to Corporate Life
Albert Gasparro and his partners believe that philanthropy is a natural extension of being a responsible citizen. This idea applies in equal measure to the corporate sector; they do not see Guizzetti Corporation as being in any way aloof to the needs of the community in which it has prospered. The company has made it a priority to create new ventures to increase employment, uphold environmental responsibilities and, in the case of Richmond Hill, advance the town’s aesthetic.
How Do these Ideals Translate to Brick and Mortar?
That goal of community enhancement is manifested in its latest project, The Grand Palace. The significant development has brought affordable luxury to Richmond Hill. Foremost is the physical face it presents to the city of Richmond Hill, as designed by the celebrated architectural firm of Hariri Pontarini. The exterior is fresh and elegant. The interior is equally as impressive and includes:
  • Glass walls providing natural daylight
  • Much use of granite in kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Ceiling heights of 9 feet are standard
  • A gold-rated LEED building, indicating sustainable building practices.
The Grand Palace is a legacy development, in keeping with the personal and corporate ethos of giving that is so characteristic of Albert Gasparro, his partners Stefano Guizzetti and Jack Scivoletto, and the Guizzetti Corporation. 
If you are not familiar with the name Albert Gasparro, chances are you are not very connected with the GTA philanthropic, business and real estate development community. If you know the name but you want to learn more about Albert Gasparro, you have come to the right place. Albert Gasparro has a great reputation in the GTA as someone who knows business, finance, has an entrepreneurial spirit and knows the value of giving back to the community. With over 30 years of experience in finance, and his entrepreneurial work in asset-backed financing, private equity and real estate development with his company Primanagement Inc., Albert Gasparro is an icon of success. Most recently, he has been heavily profiled by newspapers, magazines and in interviews for his work with the Guizzetti Corporation, where he is a director, for their massive development project in Richmond Hill and for his generous philanthropic work. His accomplishments have also been documented and recognized by the Italian government, who awarded him the Star of Solidarity.
The Star of Solidarity
Recently, Albert Gasparro was honoured with the Star of Solidarity, which in 2009 was renamed the Order of the Star of Italy. The Star of Solidarity was originally adopted to recognize both military and civilian expatriates who helped to rebuild Italy after World War II. The 2009 modernization of the award reformed it to put emphasis on the promotion and preservation of Italian National prestige in foreign countries. It is also designed to promote cooperation and positive relations with other countries and members of their communities with ties to Italy. Being recognized with an award from an entire country is a significant accomplishment.
A Man with Philanthropy on his Mind
Albert Gasparro seems to have based his life on two things; being a successful entrepreneur and businessman, and giving back to the community that he calls home. For many years, Albert Gasparro has made giving back a significant aspect of his life. While in interviews, his modest approach to his contributions to the community make them seem small, but in reality, his donations and volunteer time are massive. In 2007, he donated $500,000 to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Nineteen other Italian families matched this donation and as a result, the Art Gallery renamed their Sculpture Promenade to the Galleria Italia as a way of recognizing their generosity. Throughout the years, he has also donated over one million dollars to the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and sits on the board of directors there. He also works with the Yellow Brick House, a shelter for abused children and women and throughout the years, he has donated significantly to many other great causes, charities and non-profits.
The Grand Palace Condominiums
Albert Gasparro is deeply involved in the development of a Richmond Hill residential community. With the Guizzetti Corporation and with other members of the company including President Stefanno Guizzetti and director Jack Scivoletto are developing an iconic and landmark residential complex. The Grand Palace Condominiums are now under construction with a move-in date planned for 2014. They have also sold 90% of The Grand Genesis Condominiums project. The Grand Palace condominiums will offer Richmond Hill residents 524 luxury units in three 15-storey towers.
Albert Gasparro is a community leader, combining entrepreneurial drive and success with a desire to improve the community. Working and donating significantly to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Yellow Brick House to name a few, combined with the Grand Palace Condominiums are shining examples of doing good business and being a great community member.
Albert Gasparro
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Albert Gasparro
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Albert Gasparro’s Donations Enhance His Community
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