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How to make math fun
A classroom erupts in cheers as the teacher declares a day of games, puzzles, and other ‘fun’ activities. It’s a nice break from the regular classroom routine, but in the back of the room, a student craving a challenge is rolling their eyes.
How to improve math skills
How to improve math skills
Best after-school math programs in Winnipeg
High-performing students crave a challenge. And when their day-school curriculum just isn’t cutting it, an after-school math program in Winnipeg is just the ticket.
Math teacher training programs
At Spirit of Math Schools (SOM) – an after-school program for high-performing students in Grades K-11 – teachers receive more than 100 hours of training and ongoing development. As part of their comprehensive training, they a aren’t just taught the advanced curriculum, they live it.
Math activities, quizzes and puzzles for kids
There’s a whole other classroom out there beyond the day-school doors. By taking your classroom outside, you open your students to a world of mathematics lessons to strengthen problem solving, logical thinking, pattern recognition and other skills.
How to get kids to excel in math
When it comes to a child’s education, it’s not all up to their teachers. Experts agree that parental engagement is vital to student success in mathematics.
Math summer camps toronto
With a GDP of $117-billion, Canada’s tech sector makes up about seven per-cent of the nation’s economy, and it shows no signs of slowing down, but are we doing enough to get our children ready for the new digital age? Who will design the apps and software of the future?
Advanced math curriculum
In the 1970s and 80s, math teacher Charles Ledger developed what would become the foundation for Spirit of Math’s unique advanced curriculum for high-performing students.
Math camps for high school students
By taking advantage of after-school classes and math camps for high school students, applicants looking to enter Canada’s most prestigious university programs can gain an upper hand in the admission process.
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California Lottery Past Winning Numbers
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