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Tennis Windscreens - Tennis Universal Inc.





  Tenniswindscreens are functional and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any court.Although their name implies wind-blockage, a windscreen’s primary function isto provide privacy. For community courts with nearby roads or park systems, theconstant movement around the court can be very distracting, making it difficultto view the ball.  As well, residential court owners frequently long for solitudefrom the neighbors and an opportunity to enjoy their court with privacy. Andfor private clubs and resorts, tennis windscreens provide an exclusive feel tothe courts which enables the players to really focus on their game, andprovides greater guest enjoyment.  Additionally, windscreens increase theoverall appeal and appearance of a court by providing a clean upscale look. Itis much less expensive than new fencing, and we can even apply logos to promoteyour club or community. Windscreens are definitely an excellent choice for anycourt looking to promote increased player enjoyment.

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