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Quartz For Burlington Homes Create Elegant Spaces

Quartz Adds Beauty to Burlington Homes

In ancienttimes, only the wealthy were able to afford stone accents. Marble and granitewere used to lend elegance to famously luxurious buildings such as the TajMahal or St. Peter's Basilica, and wealthy homeowners wanted the eleganceassociated with this type of design. Thanks to advances in the technology forextracting and cutting, fine stone is now an affordable option for discerninghomeowners. Uses for stone in the home include countertops for kitchen, bath,and bar, shower surrounds and tub decks, flooring, fireplace accents, wallcaps, tabletops, and more. Choosing natural stone brings timeless elegance toyour home – and adds value, too! Marble, granite, onyx, and travertine are sometypes of slab stone available to Burlington homeowners, but in recent years,quartzite has been gaining popularity due to its beauty, affordability, andstrength.
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