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Step-By-Step Granite and Marble Installation Guide for Oakville Homeowners

Installing granite and marble slabs helpOakville homeowners breath new life into their space. One of the mostgratifying aspects of installing marble or granite is the uniqueness andcustomization involved. For Oakville homeowners looking to finish off a kitchen or bathroom project would benefitknowing that regardless of what option of slabs you choose, it is imperative toensure that the installation process is completed properly.

Things to be considered

First and foremost, homeowners must understand the properties of the type of stonebeing installed. Neither granite nor stone are nearly as cost-friendly asplastic or wooden countertop options, but they are significantly more durableand economically savvy. Granite is hard and heat-resistant, while marble is visually appealing and easier tocraft. The latter is easier to cut and shape, as it is softer than granite, butprone to scratching. The former isn't as easy to form, but its density preventsit from household hazards. Granite doesn't have the uniqueness in pattern orcolor that marble does, but still comes in a variety. It's important toconsider what visual characteristics your stone will portray when installed, asit must mesh with the rest of the room it is in. Granite and marble slabs canbe the centrepiece to a room, so its cohesion with the scheme of a bathroom orkitchen is worth keeping in mind.
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