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Toronto Charities To Support: Case Study: Albert Gasparro

Toronto Charities to Support: Albert Gasparro
The City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are home to many extremely deserving charities. From food banks to recreational programs for disadvantaged youth, from theatre companies to animal welfare organizations, it's not difficult to find a local charity to contribute to. This article will examine the types of donations made by one philanthropist, Albert Gasparro, as a way of exploring his approach to giving.
One Philanthropist's Approach
Toronto has many individuals and families who contribute a great deal of time and money to worthy causes. These include recognizable names such as the Rotmans, who have supported a number of organizations, including the University of Toronto, over the course of several decades, and the Bronfman family, who have a long-established private granting foundation. Individuals such as Raymond Chang, who endowed the Ryerson School of Continuing Studies, or Scott Griffin, who underwrote a major literary award, are examples of individuals who have made headlines with donations in recent years.
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