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Green Developments in Richmond Hill are Created by Visionary Developers and Architects

Condominiums and the Need for a Vision
According to Albert Gasparro, it all begins with a developer. If a new condominium is to have any kind of enduring value, that developer must have a vision beyond mere bricks, mortar and profits. The developer has to always be conscious of what kind of community legacy it is creating.
Enter the Guizzetti Corporation, and Grand Palace. The three men creating this Richmond Hill condominium complex share a similar ethos. Stefano Guizzetti, Albert Gasparro and Jack Scivoletto understand that a successful large-scale development must create a legacy for its host community, in this case Richmond Hill. For Stefano Guizzetti, the President of the company, it is providing superior quality for the owner-residents. "I wouldn't settle for any less myself.”
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