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Acoustic Assessments are Vital to Many Ontario Businesses

What is an Acoustic Assessment?
An acoustic assessment is the comprehensive testing of the levels of noise pollution that result from a facility. In Ontario, the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and municipal noise by-laws protect both the environment and surrounding communities from the unauthorized release of contaminants into the air, land and water. It is important to note that in Ontario the EPA expands the definition of "contaminant” to also include excessive noise and vibrations.
In order for a business to gain approval to construct, alter or operate equipment at a facility there must be an approval granted by the Minister of the Environment to ensure that the systems are operating within industry standards. This may require an acoustic assessment to verify that the equipment being operated at the facility is in compliance with Section 9 of the EPA in regards to noise and vibrations. This condition must be met in order for the business to secure an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) and be able to operate legally in Ontario.
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