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SDS-max system is an efficient drill bit system developed by Bosch.

What is SDS-max?
SDS-max drill bit system has become a standard that various types of manufacturers abide by. While the SDS system itself was developed by Bosch in the 70's, the patented standard is widely accepted by virtually anyone in the industry. Whether it is Dewalt, Makita or Milwaukee, everyone now adheres to a specific SDS standards due to its convenience and universal acceptance.
Standard Made for Professional Use
Within the SDS system, SDS-max is the one that is mostly used on heavy duty tools, such as rotary hammers, since it has the largest shank when compared to its counterparts such as SDS-top or SDS-plus. The beauty of SDS-max comes from its sleek & compact design which can also deliver significant results. By using various types of SDS-max drill bits, you will be able to accomplish virtually any drilling task at a job site.
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