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Hydraulic Parking Systems Are the Most Efficient Parking Systems

The Parking Dilemma
There are hundreds of millions of vehicles in the world with many more being manufactured daily. Populations are increasing at a steady rate which means that even more vehicles will be on the road in the future. It is a fact that these vehicle owners will need space for parking which may cause huge parking issues if there is inadequate space to handle the volume of parking that is required.
We have developed different types of parking strategies over the years in order to become increasingly efficient and handle the growing demand. Parking lots have been the most basic parking solution introduced and the number of vehicles that can be parked is limited by the amount of land available. Parking garages have become more popular over time as land has become expensive and less available. At one point, it became more cost effective to purchase all the materials (asphalt, steel, concrete, etc.) to build a parking garage than it was to purchase the extra land required to build a parking lot.
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